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April 6, 2017

Eggstravaganza Egg Contest news is below!

By the Bottle presents The Evergreen Room, Downtown Vancouver, WA’s intimate event space & your private taproom!

Enjoy the exclusivity of The Evergreen Room and its’ delightful outdoor courtyard. Let us plan an unforgettable event for your next private party.

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Our address
108 W. Evergreen Blvd, Suite B, Vancouver, WA 98660
We are in the same building as the Old Ivy Brewery & Taproom.

Hello, after ten years at By the Bottle, Vancouver’s premier bottleshop, we are heading in a new and exciting direction! Our space has been redesigned into an intimate, small venue space to serve as the banquet room for Old Ivy Brewery and Taproom, our pub just next door.

By the Bottle still creates events that take place in The Evergreen Room such as beer and food pairing dinners, beer tastings, 1st Friday events, and so on…so follow By the Bottle on your usual social media to add us to your social calendar.

Meanwhile…we hope to see you at our events listed below. Check ’em out!

The Evergreen Room at By the Bottle


THE EVERGREEN ROOM at Old Ivy Brewery & Taproom
A Deviled Egg & Egg Decorating Contest
In the spirit of the Art of First Friday, Easter Sunday, too!
Date: First Friday, April 7, 2017
Time: 5p-8p
Entrance fee: $10

There are two different contests taking place at this event:
1.)    Best Deviled Egg, an edible stuffed egg
2.)    Best Decorated Hard Shell Egg, think decorating a hard boiled egg for Easter

Winning categories
Best Deviled Egg
1st Place-Best in Show
2nd Place-Runner Up

Best Decorated Hard Shell Egg
1st Place-Best in Show
2nd Place-Runner up

Competitors entrance fee-$10
Event guests-$10

Winners will receive
1st place winners in each category will receive one dozen, local, small farm fresh eggs donated by Chris. He’s the guy who picks up our spent grain from the brewery to feed his farm animals. Cool, ha? So, you will get your one dozen egg investment back, even cooler! Some other little egg inspired goodies will be included in your winning basket.

2nd place winners in each category will receive same as above except with half a dozen farm fresh eggs.

There are none. Remember, we’re keeping it simple. You’ve got the best tasting egg…done, you’ve got Best in Show. You’ve got the best looking hard shell egg…done, you got Best in Show. Having said that…of course there’s some things that you might consider to get the nod…If I were in the deviled egg competition I might have one egg for “display only.” I might give it a name with a descriptive placard describing the egg ingredients or inspiration like, “The Diablo”, get it? Devil?…deviled egg? BAM! My for “display only” egg, I might have two little red peppers sticking out of the top like two little horns. Can you see it? Can you see it? Do you have to do any of this? Of course, not. Remember there’s no rules.

OK, Rules for Real
Just a few things.

Deviled Egg Category
1.)    prepare one dozen eggs for a total of 24 pieces for sampling
2.)    be self-contained, like obviously have your own platter, a cooler if you need to have any food, ingredients, or spare eggs stored. We have ice if you need it.

Decorated Egg Category
1.)    Only one egg is required
2.)    Must provide your own display method/stand

The judging is People’s Choice. Attendees, meaning the people who come to the event to sample the eggs and view the decorated eggs, will receive 4 tickets. They will place their tickets accordingly in the jars of the contestants they favor. The competitor with the most tickets wins accordingly for first and second place. Not sure what will happen in case of a tie, an egg-off event!!!!!????? We’ll figure it out.

To be a contestant
send an e-mail to, nothing eggstraordinary, or call 503-307-6994

To attend the event
just show up and bring your best judging skills and ten bucks cash

What do I get for ten bucks?
-a pint of beer
-snack plate
-deviled egg samples
-art viewing of decorated eggs
-judging rights
-bragging rights if you win
-be a part of the inaugural, funnest, most creative little competition e-v-e-r-r-r!

The Future
Just some random thoughts…I want this to be an annual event that will always take place the Saturday of Easter Sunday weekend. I’d like to include a layer for kids, especially the decorated egg part, but why not the stuffed egg, too? Younger kids are getting into the kitchen these days. I’d like to partner with some kind of charity or cause that has to do with eggs, maybe the humane treatment of the chickens that produce the eggs? A local small farm co-opp? If anyone has any suggestions, I would like that. The judging would be a little more structured. I don’t want to use the word more serious, but just a little more judging…. categories, that’s the word I’m looking for. Like, Most Creative, Best Display Egg, Best Name and so on.

Have I gone on long enough? Of course not. In the future, they’ll be celebrity judges…it’ll be televised…people will travel to Eggstravaganza from all over the world…ok, I’ll stop. There should be a big giant egg trophy that you only get to keep for the year you win. All right we can eggnore that one.


Cheers, Beerdos
The Evergreen Room

First Friday celebrates art in downtown, Vancouver. The art galleries stay open late and area businesses celebrate by hosting local artists. So get out there, walk around, buy some art,  taste some eggs, and see what’s going on in downtown!