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General Event Details

Specific upcoming events are always listed on our home page. Here you will only find general information on all of our events.

Special events
Our excellent tastings include special guests like brewers, importers, brewery reps, distibutors, and so on. We always try to include additional beer-related spins from a food item that matches a beer to dog treats for your pooch made from spent grain from brewing beer! Special events may occur Tuesday through Sunday and tasting fees and times vary.

Tasting details, details, details…but it’s the law

Unless specified otherwise, all of our events are held at By the Bottle, 108 W. Evergreen Blvd., Suite C, Vancouver, WA 98660, 360-699-0012

Monday through Friday, coin-operated meters are enforced from 8am-6pm, with a 2-hour maximum. Before inserting coins, press the button for a free 20 minutes. If you park in a 15-minute space, there is no such button, you must have some coins to get 15 minutes. After 5pm, it’s ok to park in the lot across the street. Saturday and Sunday parking is free.

Tasting procedure
You must be 21, and you must present a valid photo ID. Your tasting fee is collected at the cash register, where you will receive one ticket for each pour. From there, head on over to the tasting bar and sample away! All of your samples are poured in the same glass provided by By the Bottle which must be returned. Drinking water is on the house, and, if it’s your preference, rinsing water is available. A mild palate cleanser such as un-salted cracker is usually provided. Sorry, enjoying your sample outside is not allowed.

Tasting Fees
Tasting fees vary depending on the type of event and the beer we are pouring. They have typically ranged from $5 to $10. You can sample as little as you like, or taste the entire menu. Often, it comes down to as little as a buck a taste.

Number of samples/pours
Typically 4 beers are sampled, pour size is up to 2 ounces each with a total 8 ounce limit per event. You may only sample a beer once, with a 2-ounce maximum pour. In other words, you cannot sample the same beer twice. There are no substitutions or combinations making up the 8-ounce limit. For example, you may not sample 2 out of the four beers with a 4-ounce pour of each.

Minors, kids, pets
Because By the Bottle is actually considered a tavern, and we do not serve food, no one under 21 is allowed on the premises. This includes infants, kids in strollers, and so on. Pets are not allowed during events. We try to be as pet friendly as we can, so if we are not having an event and the shop is not too crowded your pets are welcome. Please come in and ask, first, if it’s ok to bring in your pet. If there isn’t too many people in the Bottle Shop, pets are usually welcome.

We hope you can overcome these state laws and house rules because we have really cool events, and we would love for you to be able to enjoy them!