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The Evergreen Room/Beverage Service


    Draft beer, bottled beer, wine, and cider are served at By the Bottle.
    Choose two Old Ivy Brewery beers for draft service- see the beer menu provided
    Water service is provided.
    Non-alcoholic beverages such as coffee, soda etc., are available upon request.

featuring the beers from
Old Ivy Brewery & Taproom

Choose any two beers
(subject to availability at all times)

Old Ivy Evergreen IPA
Amarillo, Cascade, Nugget, &
Simcoe Hops
ABV 6.1%   |   IBU 55

Old Ivy Rediculous Red Ale
ABV 6.7%   |   IBU 34

Old Ivy El Gourdo Pumpkin Ale
Brewed with Amber Cup/Golden Kurri
Sugar Pumpkin
ABV 6.9%   |   IBU 14

Old Ivy Patio Pale Ale
ABV 5%   |   IBU 32

Old Ivy Transporter Robust Porter
ABV 5.6.%   |   IBU 32

Old Ivy The Big Newton
Imperial Brown Ale brewed with Mission Figs
ABV 7%   |   IBU 32

Old Ivy Corn Star Cream Ale
ABV 5.2%   |   IBU 20

Old Ivy Johnny Chinook &
The Crystals IPA
Chinook & Crystal Hops
ABV 6.7%   |   IBU 50

Old Ivy Figgy Smalls
Imperial Brown Ale infused with rum-
soaked hazelnuts
ABV 8%

Old Ivy St. Ivy Belgian-Style Dubbel
ABV 7.5%   |   IBU 21

Old Ivy VanShougal Weisse
Berliner Weisse
ABV 4.2%   |   IBU 12

Old Ivy Oro Del Diablo
Belgian Golden Strong
ABV 9.3%   |   IBU 23